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Brian speaks to the NAACP on mass incarceration and the drug war in 2002

Brian was born and raised in Cheltenham, the youngest son of middle class parents who both worked to provide for him and his brother. He attended public school his whole life, graduating with from Cheltenham High School.  

He went on to The George Washington University where he studied criminal justice, and began a long career of activism by founding a student movement whose aim was to end the injustices of mass incarceration. During this time, Brian saw firsthand the inherent inequalities in our system and began a lifelong mission to bring fairness back to our communities.

After graduating, Brian returned to Cheltenham to serve his community in the office of State Representative Larry Curry. Brian worked with constituents from across the district to secure government services and improve the quality of life for many in the 154th. From there, Brian moved into the Rendell administration where he worked with older adults to implement the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug program, and bring much needed assistance to seniors across the state. 

Brian E Fund Lunch

Brian receives an award for
his advocacy on behalf of older
adults from the Phila Corp. for Aging

Brian took the skills from his government and advocacy work to the non-profit world when he accepted a program director position at the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. In his time there, Brian secured millions of dollars of funding for safety-net organizations across the region, including many institutions in the 4th district like the Center in the Park senior center and the Visiting Nurses Association in Abington. 

After several years at United Way, Brian became Director of the Center for Social Responsibility at the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia. In this role, Brian worked with elected officials, private donor and non-profit organizations to strengthen the safety-net and bring millions of dollars to the region. He lead the charge against Tom Corbett’s cuts to food stamps with the Food Stamp Challenge, bringing together elected officials and community leaders from across the Commonwealth to stand in solidarity with our most needy residents.

As our Senator, Brian will take the lessons he learned from a career in advocacy and government to Harrisburg. His experience will ensure that we not only have a passionate and effective advocate in government, but also top notch constituent services to ensure that the people of the 4thdistrict always have access to the services they deserve. 

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