Letter To The Editor: Food Stamp Politics

brianjspan.jpgThe decision that led Gov. Tom Corbett and his political appointees at the state Department of Public Welfare to place an asset test for food stamps isn't about fraud, waste or abuse -- it's about blind ideology.

DPW officials first publicly mentioned an asset test 10 months ago, yet to date, no consideration, no study or assessment has been done on the implications of such a decision.

Food stamps are a voucher entirely paid for by the federal government, but the state pays for the program's administration costs, which will only be more cumbersome. It's clear Pennsylvania taxpayers will pay more and Pennsylvania seniors will get less. There very well may be no net savings.

Meanwhile, the governor risks collapsing the statewide network of food banks, further overwhelming county assistance offices with red tape, shifting costs to other safety-net programs (or what's left) and starving the retail industry and farmers of revenue. This is poor policy we can ill afford.

Jewish Social Policy Action Network
Elkins Park, Pa.


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