On The Issues


Brian believes that all women should be free to make decisions about their health with their doctor. Brian will ensure that women across the commonwealth have access to safe and affordable services free of unnecessary government burdens.

LGBT Equality

Pennsylvania has a long way to go in the fight for equality. Brian will stand up for members of the LGBT community and will fight for full equality for all Pennsylvanians.


Brian has spent much of his career advocating for older adults. He will take the lessons he learned providing food, rent and utility assistance for seniors to Harrisburg. Under Brian's leadership, Pennsylvania seniors will be able to stay in their homes longer, and have a better quality of life.


A product of Pennsylvania public schools, Brian is an advocate for high quality, universal public education. He believes that all people are entitled to an education that creates opportunity, not a voucher based system that benefits some while leaving many underprivileged children in the dust. 

Middle Class

Brian grew up in a middle class home, and knows what it's like to have to make a living in Pennsylvania. He will work to work to provide more services to our Middle Class, and bring fairness back to the system that allowed his parents to provide for his brother and he.

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