SSDP attends College Convention 2000 in New Hampshire

Members of GW Students for a Sensible Drug Policy traveled to New Hampshire Jan. 13 to question presidential candidates about drug policies.

The members of SSDP, a student organization concerned with promoting the regulation, taxation and control of illegal drugs, attended events at College Convention 2000. At the events, they discussed the misuse of illegal drugs with politicians such as presidential candidates John McCain, Pat Buchanan, George W. Bush and Alan Keyes.


While in New Hampshire, they questioned Bush about prior drug use. The presidential candidate became angry during the question-and-answer session and was offended by the George W. Bush puppet with a Drug War Hypocrite sign around the neck that members of SSDP waved in the air.

You're making an assumption about (prior drug use).and I don't accept that assumption, Bush said to a student who questioned him about his past.

SSDP member Brian Gralnick said he considers the past activities to be a success, but his organization still sees many problems they are looking to correct.

Politicians sacrifice educational opportunities, effective drug treatment and civil liberties to enforce ineffective policy, he said. Students are tired of legislative failures that darken the future of all Americans.

- Dorothy Cascerceri

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